LPN to RN Programs Indianapolis, IN

There are many good reasons for licensed practical nurses to return to school to become RNs. Generally speaking, RNs usually earn higher pay than LPNs. RNs can have more career options and can enter positions in healthcare settings that may not hire LPNs (employ only RNs). Associate Degree licensed RNs also usually have more options for professional advancement. In recent years there have been fewer hospitals hiring LPNs and this trend is expected to continue.

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LPN to RN Programs Columbus, OH

If you’ve just completed an accredited licensed practical nursing program or are already a licensed practical nurse and want to take the next step to advance your career, an LPN to RN transition program will set you on the path to a career as a registered nurse in 12 to 15 months. Licensed practical nurses receive advanced standing in the associate degree in nursing program, and through the transfer of credit, may enter the program in the second or third … Read the rest

LVN to RN Programs Fort Worth, TX

Licensed vocational nursing to registered nursing (LVN-RN) bridge or transition programs remove the angst for vocational nurses who are on the fence about going back to school. If you’re desirous of a wider scope of practice and higher compensation for your role and function on the nursing team, you should consider becoming a registered nurse. Instead of two years of study, the transition program will prepare you for the licensure exam and practice as a professional nurse in just one … Read the rest

LPN to RN Programs Jacksonville, FL

Working as a licensed practical nurse has its rewards but there are many reasons why your decision to go back to school to become a registered nurse is a wise one. There will be some limitations on your scope of practice as a practical nurse. The LPN-RN transition program will cover the additional skills needed to engage in a wider scope of practice. It will also grant you eligibility to take the national exam for licensure as a registered nurse. … Read the rest

LVN to RN Programs Austin, TX

Changing your role from a licensed vocational nurse to a registered nurse is a natural step if you want to broaden your horizon. As a registered nurse, you’ll have greater opportunities, higher compensation, and the skills and know-how to take better care of your patients. Due to stricter educational requirements for nurses among health care employers, LVNs have been limited in the types of facilities in which they are able to work. More than 72 percent of LVNs in Texas … Read the rest

LVN to RN Programs San Jose, CA

Practicing as a licensed vocational nurse has its rewards but you may be thinking of taking that next step to become a registered nurse to expand your career opportunities and earning potential. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, RN positions will grow much faster than the average for all professions in the next decade. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for nurses in every sector of the health care industry. Completing an LVN transition program will … Read the rest

LVN to RN Programs Dallas, TX

Licensed Vocational Nursing programs provide a fast-track to begin your medical career as a nurse. In this role, you might administer medications, assist nurses and physicians with treatment plans, collect medical histories, and record vital signs according to the responsibilities outlined by your employment and scope of practice for Texas State. Many LVNs seek to advance their career and to take a more hands-on role in patient care. The LVN to RN program prepares vocational nurses to take the NCLEX … Read the rest

LVN to RN Programs San Diego, CA

The LPN to Associate of Science in Nursing program offers licensed vocational nurses a pathway to career advancement in less time than it would take to complete an associate degree program separately. Vocational nursing is one step on the career ladder of nursing. It is rewarding in itself but if you’re looking to broaden your scope of practice and boost your career opportunities, the bridge program is the way to go.

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LVN to RN Programs San Antonio, TX

The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (LVN to RN) Transition program meets the unique learning needs of licensed vocational nurses seeking career advancement. This transition program eliminates the time and cost of repeating courses that were already completed in the LVN program and recognizes the experience gained in practice, enabling the practical nurse to transition to professional nursing in less than one year. Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic increases the demand for nurses, it is a good time to … Read the rest

LPN to RN Programs Philadelphia, PA

It’s not uncommon for aspiring nurses to choose licensed practical nursing as an entry point into the field of nursing. The training is fast and affordable and will get you on the team in just twelve months. As you practice in various settings, you’ll discover that LPNs function in a role that is very different to that of a registered nurse. A practical nurse works under the direction of a registered nurse or physician to take vitals, administer medications, and … Read the rest

LPN to RN Programs Phoenix, AZ

The Licensed Practical Nursing to Registered Nursing (LPN-to-RN) paves the way for licensed practical nurses to advance to the level of a registered nurse. LPNs operate on the lower end of the nursing team and do not have the same privileges or autonomy as registered nurses. Transition programs provide an opportunity for practical nurses to take a leadership role in patient care. More than this, it eliminates the need for duplicating coursework as credit is granted for prior education. Nursing … Read the rest

LVN to RN Programs Houston, TX

Licensed vocational nursing offers a quick path to nursing but opportunities for advancement are limited within the scope of practice outlined for LVNs. Through the completion of and LVN-RN transition program, you can become a registered nurse and assume a wider scope of responsibilities in patient care. Hospital employers are more likely to hire registered nurses. The bump in your salary will also provide a greater incentive to continue your education. The RN degree is an entry-level pass to professional … Read the rest

LPN to RN Programs Chicago, IL

An LPN to RN bridge program is a great way to develop your skills and take your career to the next level if you’re currently licensed as a practical nurse. As an LPN, you will receive advanced standing in a registered nursing program so you can start your career as a registered nurse in just one year. LPN-RN programs provide knowledge, techniques, and skills that healthcare employers need. Completing the requirements for the Associate Degree in Nursing program will increase … Read the rest

LVN to RN Programs Los Angeles, CA

The opportunities for career mobility are phenomenal for nurses. As a licensed vocational nurse, you can improve your career outlook in the three semesters it takes to complete an LVN-to-RN Bridge program. Nursing is essentially a commitment to lifelong learning to provide the best care and to promote and restore health. Patients and families depend on nurses and healthcare professionals to counsel them on diseases and treatments. They expect the highest possible care and healthcare employers expect nurses to deliver. … Read the rest

LPN to RN Programs New York City, NY

A career as a Licensed Practical Nurse can be rewarding. The LPN pathway provides a fast, simple, and affordable means of joining the healthcare industry and the nursing team. There is still much demand for LPNs so the financial gain and opportunities are better than average. While there may be much more benefits of continuing your career as an LPN, you know that there are some disadvantages. LPNs are at the lower end of the nursing team and need constant … Read the rest