LPN to RN Programs Chicago, IL

An LPN to RN bridge program is a great way to develop your skills and take your career to the next level if you’re currently licensed as a practical nurse. As an LPN, you will receive advanced standing in a registered nursing program so you can start your career as a registered nurse in just one year. LPN-RN programs provide knowledge, techniques, and skills that healthcare employers need. Completing the requirements for the Associate Degree in Nursing program will increase your career opportunities and earning potential. A registered nursing degree will also improve your chances of continuing education to the BSN and MSN degrees to qualify for leadership positions. As a registered nurse, you will have a wider scope of practice that include making decisions that impact patient health care, supervising other health care employees, and counseling patients on the promotion of health and prevention of diseases.

City Colleges of Chicago – Malcolm X

The City Colleges of Chicago – Malcolm X offers an Associate in Applied Science degree program in Nursing with an option for Licensed Practical Nursing to bridge to the AAS degree. The program includes classroom instruction and clinical experiences that take place in hospitals and primary care facilities in Chicago and surrounding areas. The program conforms with the guidelines of the Nurse Practice Act of Illinois and covers areas such as cultural sensitivity, informatics, communication, complex health assessment, and patient centered care. Graduates will be eligible to take the NCLEX for Registered Nurses. Eligible for licensed practical nurses to be admitted in an advanced standing will be based on space availability.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 69
Duration: 18 months

Course titles:

Core Courses – Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing, Nursing Leadership, Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing, Maternal-Newborn/Mental Health Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Gerontologic Nursing, Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing

Admission criteria:

  • Complete the requirements for general admission to the CCC
  • Must have completed the 100-level prerequisite courses and at least two of the 200-level science prerequisites
  • Complete the ATI preadmission exam with a minimum cumulative score of 65% and minimum reading score of 73%
  • Complete a satisfactory certified background check
  • Must have a cumulative GPA at CCC or 2.75 prior to the admission deadline
  • Submit official high school transcript or GED
  • Provide documentation of health and vaccination status
  • Must undergo annual TB screening
  • Submit to initial and random drug screening
  • Attend a program information session
  • Must hold a current license to practice as a licensed practical nurse

Program Cost:
Tuition for the program is $2,429 for in-district students. The cost for fees, textbooks, uniforms, background screen, ATI testing, and health exam are not included in the cost.

Website: https://www.ccc.edu/colleges/malcolm-x/Pages/default.aspx
Address: 1900 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 850-7000
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 92%

Harper College

The Associate Degree in Nursing program at Harper College has an entry pathway for licensed practical nurses to bridge to the AAS degree with the completion of transitional courses. This option is only available to graduates of Harper College’s Practical Nursing Certficate. The program operates with the approval of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc (ACEN). Licensed practical nurses can complete theory and practical requirements in a shorter time with advanced placement in the program. Nursing courses must be completed in sequence and requires a passing grade to progress to the next course in the sequence. Graduates will be qualified to take the NCLEX-RN and apply for licensure as a registered nurse in Illinois. Admission to the limited-enrollment program is competitive.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 68
Duration: 24 months

Course titles:

Core Courses – Nursing Concepts, Roles and Practice, Fundamentals of Nursing, Pathophysiology, Psychology of Human of Human Development, Advanced Pharmacology, Adult Health Concepts I, Adult Health Clinical I, Psychosocial Concepts, Psychosocial Concepts Clinical, Physical Assessment, Transition to Professional Nursing, Transition to Professional Nursing Clinical, Child Bearing Concepts, Adult Health Concepts II, Pediatric Health Concepts, Child Bearing Clinical, Adult Health Clinical II, Pediatric Health Clinical, Fundamentals of Speech Communication, Adult Health Concepts III, Role Transition Seminar, Adult Health Clinical III, Role Transition Practicum, Social and Behavioral Science or Humanities

Admission criteria:

  • Apply for admission to Harper College
  • Attend a scheduled Health Care Careers Information Meeting
  • Must have graduated from Harper College Practical Nursing Certificate Program
  • Must have a current and unencumbered LPN license
  • Submit official high school and college transcripts to Harper College
  • Must attend an interview with the Director of Nursing
  • Submit a Bridge to Advanced Nursing Application
  • Submit documentation of a health exam completed by a licensed physician or physician’s assistant. The report must include a record of current immunization
  • Must have completed the prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better – PN Medical Surgical Nursing, PN Medical Surgical Clinical, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, Physical Assessment
  • Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Complete the NLN Pre-Admission RN Exam and meet the minimum scores – scores are valid for three years

Program costs:

The standard rate of tuition for in-state students is $133.50 per credit. Nursing courses cost almost 200 percent the standard rate due to clinical experiences and specialized technology used by nursing students. Financial aid is available for eligible students.

Website: https://www.harpercollege.edu/index.php
Address: 1200 West Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067
Phone: 847-925-6000
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 89%

Ambria College of Nursing

The registered nursing program at Ambria College is open to licensed practical nurses who want to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree to practice as a registered nurse. The LPN to RN bridge program gives LPNs the opportunity to receive course and proficiency credit for prior coursework and complete the requirements for the AAS degree in less than two years. The program follows the same path of the traditional curriculum for non-nursing but LPNs will receive credit and secure exemption from some courses. Nursing courses must be completed in sequence with a minimum grade of C or higher to complete the program. Upon successful completion of the requirements, LPNs will receive an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree and are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam to become a registered nurse.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 50 plus transfer credits and prerequisites
Duration: 24 months

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – English Composition, Introduction to Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, General Microbiology, Life Span Psychology, Introduction to Speech, Introduction to Sociology

Core Courses – Academic Success Seminar, Pharmacology, Foundations of Nursing, Pathophysiology, Nursing Health Assessment, Nutrition, Advanced Nursing Skills, Psychiatric Nursing, Adult Health Nursing I, Adult Health Nursing II, Maternity Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Leadership and Management, Capstone

Admission criteria:

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of enrollment
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalence
  • Submit a completed application and all required documents by the application deadline
  • Complete FAFSA application
  • Submit Castle Branch results by the appointed deadline – must include background check and drug screen results
  • Attend a New Student Orientation
  • Submit a driver’s license or state ID or proof of citizenship or permanent residence and social security card
  • Take and pass the TEAS entrance exam with a score of 60% or higher
  • Take the reading and math exam or equivalent
  • Complete the prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of C or higher
  • Attend an RN admission interview
  • Sign the Enrollment Agreement
  • Must have a current, unencumbered licensed practical nursing license

Program costs:
Tuition costs $27,900 based on 50 residency credits. A one-time application fee of $450 includes the uniform, nursing lab kit, and background check.

Website: https://www.ambria.edu/Default.aspx
Address: 5210 Trillium Blvd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Phone: 847-397-0300
Email: info@ambria.edu
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 100%

Triton College

Triton College provides nursing students with knowledge and skills in nursing theory and practice, humanities, and social and biological sciences. The program is open to licensed practical nurses who will enter through the LPN to RN bridge pathway. Nursing theory will have a clinical component that will be conducted at area hospitals and primary care facilities. Students must attend all classes and clinical rotations and complete the requirements with a minimum grade of C to graduate from the program. The program is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX for licensure as a registered nurse. Admission to the program is selective.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 60
Duration: 18 months

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – English Composition, Introduction to Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, General Microbiology, Life Span Psychology, Introduction to Speech, Introduction to Sociology

Core Courses – Pharmacology and Drug Administration, Human Growth and Development, Adult Health Concepts I, Adult Health Clinical I, Adult Health Concepts II, Adult Health Clinical II, Mental Health Concepts, Mental Health Clinical, Maternal Child, Maternal Health Concepts, Pediatric Health Concepts, Introduction to Sociology, Comprehensive Medical Ethics, Adult Health Concepts III, Adult Health Clinical III, Leadership and Role Transition Concepts, Leadership and Role Transition Concepts and Clinical, Exit Seminar

Admission criteria:

  • Complete an application for admission to Triston College
  • Submit official transcripts of coursework previously completed
  • Take required placement exam or demonstrate equivalency
  • Complete new student orientation
  • Complete program prerequisites with a grade of C or higher
  • Must have a current CPR certification for Health Care Providers
  • Must provide documentation of current health insurance
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Take and pass the TEAS with a score of 58% or higher
  • Must meet health requirements including up-to-date immunization records
  • Complete a criminal background check with no findings
  • Must obtain negative alcohol breath testing and drug screening requirements prior to the clinical rotations
  • Must have a current LPN license

Program costs:

Tuition costs $220 per credit hour for in-district residents plus fees. Additional expenses include textbooks, titers/immunizations, physical exam, CPR certification, background check, 10-panel drug screen, uniforms, and graduation fees.

Website: https://www.triton.edu/
Address: 2000 Fifth Ave, River Grove, IL 60171
Phone: 708.456.0300
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 74%

CAAN Academy of Nursing

CAAN Academy of Nursing offers an LPN that prepares students to pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Theory and practical training equip students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become competent, caring, compassionate, and comprehensive providers of care. They will be eligible to work in various acute and chronic health care settings within the community. The residential program meets 4 days a week. Graduates will receive ongoing employment assistance support for lifelong learning.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 65
Duration: 12 months

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – English Composition, College Algebra, Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab, Psychology, Basic Computer Literacy, Medical Terminology

Core Courses – Intro to LPN-RN, Intro to LPN-RN/Lab, Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication, Pharmacology for Nursing, Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab, Mental Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing/Lab, Nursing Care Childbearing/Childrearing Clinical, Microbiology/Lab, Abnormal Psychology, Complex Medical Surgical Nursing Clinical, RN Role Synthesis w/Clinical, Human Pathophysiology/Lab

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed Application for Admissions with the $150 application fee
  • Provide a copy of active unencumbered Illinois Practical Nurses License
  • Provide official transcripts to confirm grade of C or better – psychology 1010, English 101, Math 090 or higher, basic computer skills or Pass Proficiency Exam, BIO 110: A&P
  • Take and pass the ATI-TEAS Examination
  • Submit a 500-word original essay
  • Submit a current employment appraisal
  • Submit two letters of reference – one professional on a letterhead and one personal
  • Complete drug/alcohol and background screening
  • Attend an interview conducted by the Admissions Committee
  • Provide proof of HSD or GED – must be submitted to the school at the time of enrollment

Program costs:

Tuition costs $30,000. Other costs include application fee, drug screening, books, student service charge, CAAN Academy Monogrammed uniform, ATI comprehensive package, and NCLEX exam.

Website: https://www.caanacademy.org/
Address: 4747 Lincoln Mall Dr Suite 420, Matteson, IL 60443
Phone: 708-983-1645
Fax: 708-248-5927
Email: info@caanacademy.org
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 60%

Moraine Valley Community College

The LPN to RN transition program at Moraine Valley Community College is a special admission program that is licensed by the State of Illinois. The program give students a competitive advantage as it opens opportunities to employ cutting-edge technology in the classroom and high-fidelity simulation labs. The hybrid format lets students complete some of the coursework online. The clinical rotations will be conducted at area hospitals and community-based facilities in the Chicago area. Schedules vary and may be conducted in the day, evenings, and weekends. Up to 90% of MVCC graduates obtain employment immediately after graduation. Graduates are eligible to take the licensing exam for Professional Registered Nurses. New students are admitted in the fall and spring semesters of each year.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 69 including transfer credits
Duration: 3 semesters

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – Composition I, Speech Fundamentals, Life-Span Developmental Psychology, General Sociology, Human Anatomy & Physiology I, Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Introductory Microbiology

Core Courses – Pharmacology & Disease Processes I, Pharmacology & Diseases Processes II, Nursing Concepts I, Nursing Concepts II, Nursing Concepts III, Nursing Arts I, Nursing Arts II, Nursing Arts III, Nursing Clinical Practice I, Nursing Clinical Practice II-OB, Nursing Clinical Practice II-MS, Nursing Concepts IV, Nursing Concepts V, Nursing Concepts VI, Nursing Concepts VIII, Nursing Arts IV, Advanced Nursing Arts V, Nursing Clinical Practice III, Nursing Clinical Practice IV

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed Application for Admission by the published deadline
  • Take and pass the Kaplan entrance exam
  • Attend a mandatory orientation
  • Submit official high school transcripts or GED certification
  • Submit transcripts from other institutions attended
  • Complete the required prerequisites with a grade of C or better
  • Submit a complete health history and physical form signed by the applicant and physician or nurse practitioner
  • The health physical must indicate required lab tests and immunizations required by the clinical affiliates – TB test, flu vaccine, hepatitis B
  • Complete a background check and drug screen
  • Must have current health and accident insurance
  • Provide proof of current AHA Health Care Provider CPR certification

Program costs:

Tuition costs $131 for in-district students and $316 for out-of-district students. Costs for textbooks, uniforms, CPR certification and supplies are additional.

Website: https://www.morainevalley.edu/
Address: 9000 W. College Pkwy., Palos Hills, IL 60465-2478
Phone: (708) 974-4300
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 85%

Northwestern College

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing at Northwestern College admits licensed practical nurses who are looking to advanced their opportunities through licensure as a registered nurse. The challenge program offers high quality theoretical and practical training in the classroom, simulation lab, and clinical rotations at local health care facilities. The curriculum provides a well-rounded education that incorporates technology, student-focused participation, and employer-recommended tactics. Students are trained to practice as a nurse and a leader. Graduates are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) – Registered Nurse exam in order to become licensed nurses in Illinois.

Program Outline
Semester credits: 64 including transfer credits
Duration: 3 semesters

Course titles:
Prerequisite courses – Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab, Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab, Microbiology with Lab, Communications, Mathematics, Life Skills, Social Sciences and Humanities

Core Courses – Pharmacology I, Pharmacology II, Fundamental Concepts in Nursing, Fundamental Nursing-Clinical, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Psychiatric/Mentals Nursing -Clinical, Maternity/Women’s Health Nursing, Maternity/Women’s Health Nursing-Clinical, Medical Surgical Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing-Clinical, Pediatric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing-Clinical, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Medical Surgical Nursing II-Clinical, Nursing Care of Diverse Groups, Nursing Care of Diverse Groups-Clinical, Leadership Seminar

Admission criteria:

  • Submit an application to Northwestern College
  • Must have a high school graduate diploma or GED certificate
  • Take a standardized assessment and achieve minimum scores or higher
  • Submit official college transcripts of courses completed
  • Take and pass the ATI TEAS with the college’s minimum score
  • Must have current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider level BLS/CPR certification
  • Must have major medical insurance coverage
  • Complete a satisfactory background screen
  • Obtain a clean (negative) 10-panel drug screen – completed within the past 30 days
  • Must have current immunization – influenza, MMR, varicella, Tdap, 2-step TB, and hepatitis B
  • Must have current liability insurance
  • Submit a completed physical exam report signed by a healthcare provider
  • Complete the HIPAA and OSHA requirements via CastleBranch

Program costs:

Funding for tuition is available through grants, loans, and scholarships.

Website: https://nc.edu/
Address: 7725 S. Harlem Ave., Bridgeview, IL 60455
Phone: 1-708-237-5000
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 58%


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