LPN Programs Greenfield, MA

Licensed practical nurses enjoy a rewarding career caring for patients under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician. LPN programs that are approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing prepare you to assume full accountability for the quality of care you provide and to practice with the legal and ethical guidelines outlined by the state. You’ll learn nursing interventions and protocols to care for children and adults with common health problems, how to administer medications and treatments, … Read the rest

LPN Programs Haverhill, MA

Gain a footing in the health sector and determine if patient care is really your calling by working as a Licensed Practical Nurse. LPN programs can be completed in just one year. The investment is nowhere as costly as the preparation to become a registered nurse, so it will help you make an informed decision if you’re uncertain about the sector. Like every other career, there are pros and cons to working in healthcare. Careers in healthcare, and nursing in … Read the rest

LPN Programs Canton, MA

With your passion for people and longing to work in the health sector, there’s no better option than to become a nurse. Registered nursing is a great option, but time and money may be in short supply. Fortunately, there’s the option to enroll in a practical nursing program and become a Licensed Practical Nurse in half the time it takes to complete a registered nursing program. As an LPN, you’ll perform many of the same duties as a registered nurse … Read the rest

LPN Programs Danvers, MA

There are many reasons to enroll in a practical nursing program. If you’re committed to helping others or want a career where there is potential for growth and job stability, practical nursing may be the career for you. As a practical nurse, you’ll work under the supervision of a registered nurse to preserve and restore health. The role and responsibilities of nurses require special skills, but candidates must also be sympathetic, good communicators, extremely organized, and critical thinkers.

As the … Read the rest

LPN Programs Worcester, MA

A licensed practical nurse practices according to the Nurse Practice Act of Massachusetts. General duties include performing direct care, administering medications and treatments, and educating patients and their families. Although LPNs work in hospitals, the majority find employment in long-term care settings where there’s a growing demand for care for the elderly. In long-term care settings, LPNs have greater responsibilities and may be assigned the task of managing certified nursing assistants and unlicensed personnel. A prospective LPN must complete a … Read the rest

LPN Programs Boston, MA

Practical Nurses impact patients’ lives and experience in hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician offices, and homes. Working under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician, an LPN provides basic care, administers medications and injections, takes vital signs, assesses, plans, and implements patient care plans, maintains patient records, and observes and monitors patients’ response to treatment. The Massachusetts Board of Nursing defines a licensed practical nurse as one who has successfully completed an approved nursing education program, passed the state … Read the rest