LPN Programs Lewisburg, WV

Words cannot begin to define the role that licensed practical nurses play in the care and comfort of patients. They cope with and bring cheer to people who may be at the lowest point of their lives, providing critical and life-saving care and intervention.

While LPNs perform tasks such as personal care, vital signs, administration of medications, and dressing wounds, they may also assume responsibilities that are above and beyond. In some settings, like long-term care facilities, they may be … Read the rest

LPN Programs Bridgeport, WV

As versatile caregivers, Licensed Practical Nurses care for those who are sick or injured. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals to restore health and educate individuals, families, and communities on the prevention of diseases. Licensed practical nursing programs are not as comprehensive as registered nursing programs, yet they equip students with essential skills to practice as a licensed nurse in West Virginia. Students acquire knowledge and learn how to monitor vital signs, perform IV therapy, provide wound care, monitor patients’ … Read the rest

LPN Programs Beaver, WV

Licensed practical nurses work on the front lines of health care to offer physical and emotional support and care for patients who are undergoing treatment or recovery. They provide critical support to registered nurses and doctors to improve the lives of patients and their families. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 724,500 practical nurses in the United States. With an expected growth of 12 percent from 2016 to 2026, the job outlook appears promising. As a point … Read the rest

LPN Programs Beckley, WV

When patients suffer from an acute or chronic illness or need health counseling, it is vital that they get the medical attention they deserve. Licensed practical nurses are adept at providing direct patient care in a variety of settings, including long-term care, acute care, and home health care. A licensed practical nurse’s duties and responsibilities include assessing patients and devising a patient care plan, wound care, life support, performing procedures with the help of registered nurses and physicians, measuring vital … Read the rest

LPN Programs Morgantown, WV

The demand for healthcare professionals is greater than ever and will continue to rise as the population ages. If you’re compassionate and have good communication skills, a career as a licensed practical nurse may be a right fit for you. Licensed practical nurses provide direct care services, dress wounds, collect specimens, supervise CNAs and other unlicensed staff, monitor patients, administer medications, and start IVs, so a candidate should have multi-tasking skills and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure … Read the rest

LPN Programs Charleston, WV

A career in nursing offers rewards and challenges. Licensed practical nurses have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the patients they serve. They connect with patients on a personal level, providing emotional and physical support at a difficult time in their lives. Nurses work long hours filled with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. They educate individuals, families, and communities on the prevention of diseases and promotion of health. But more often, they care for sick individuals, … Read the rest