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There’s no stopping the demand for nurses as the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an employment change of 438,100 by 2026. If you’re convinced that nursing is a right fit for you but don’t want to commit several years for nursing school, you should consider a licensed practical nursing program. LPN programs in Alabama are offered as part of the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) mobility path, which provide an excellent opportunity to earn a Practical Nursing Certificate with the … Read the rest

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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are an integral part of the healthcare team as they develop and implement patient care plans and manage the basic needs of patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Their responsibilities vary from one health care setting to another but they do much to lighten the burden of the senior patient care team. Common duties include assisting patients with the activities of daily living, monitoring patients’ response to treatment and medications, caring for wounds and … Read the rest

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Capitalize on your strengths and start a rewarding career as a practical nurse. Before enrolling in a licensed practical nursing program, consider your character qualities. Are you caring, compassionate, patient, and attentive? These qualities, more than the technical skills gained in the nursing program, will determine your chances of success. As a practical nurse, you’ll work closely with patients to promote health, educate individuals, families, and communities, and assist in the recovery from acute or chronic diseases.

Licensed practical nurses … Read the rest

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Words cannot begin to define the role that licensed practical nurses play in the care and comfort of patients. They cope with and bring cheer to people who may be at the lowest point of their lives, providing critical and life-saving care and intervention.

While LPNs perform tasks such as personal care, vital signs, administration of medications, and dressing wounds, they may also assume responsibilities that are above and beyond. In some settings, like long-term care facilities, they may be … Read the rest

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Licensed Practical Nursing work with registered nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals to care for patients. Their responsibilities include monitoring vital signs, administering medications, observing patients reactions to medications and report changes, inserting catheters and IVs, maintaining patients’ history, and assisting with the delivery of babies.

To succeed as an LPN, you must communicate well, be flexible and committed, work well under stress, be organized and dependable, and enjoy teamwork and collaboration. Good physical strength and stamina, compassion, and patience … Read the rest

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As versatile caregivers, Licensed Practical Nurses care for those who are sick or injured. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals to restore health and educate individuals, families, and communities on the prevention of diseases. Licensed practical nursing programs are not as comprehensive as registered nursing programs, yet they equip students with essential skills to practice as a licensed nurse in West Virginia. Students acquire knowledge and learn how to monitor vital signs, perform IV therapy, provide wound care, monitor patients’ … Read the rest

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A licensed practical nurse (LPN) performs various tasks related to patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. Some tasks might include the administration of medications, measuring and recording vital signs, change dressings, creating and evaluating patient care plans, advocating for patients’ rights, collaborating with the healthcare teams to solve problems, delegating tasks to Certified Nursing Assistants, and educating patients on medication safety, wound care, or health promotion.

If you’re passionate about patient care but don’t have the time … Read the rest

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Nurses earn public admiration and respect through their provision of compassionate and timely care. The career can be extremely rewarding, but it requires patience, tact, and good communication to work with diverse personalities. Practical nurses are a key part of the nursing team, bringing relief to patients across their lifespan in acute and long-term care facilities.

Enrolling in a licensed practical nursing program is just one part of the essential preparing for becoming an LPN. The average length of the … Read the rest

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As a licensed practical nurse, you will function as a vital member of the patient care team in various health care settings. You’ll provide care at the bedside of patients administering medications, dressing wounds, measuring and recording vital signs, assisting with personal care and grooming, collecting lab samples for diagnostic tests, observing patients, starting IVs, and counseling patients. Your duties may also include monitoring food intake, assembling equipment for use, offering encouragement and support, updating health records, managing the inventory … Read the rest

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Licensed Vocational Nurses have a rewarding career caring for patients under the direction of registered nurses, physicians, and other health care specialists. Patients turn to LVNs for personal care and emotional support. LVN programs prepare students with the knowledge and skills to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) for licensure as a vocational nurse and have the confidence to provide supervised basic care.

Licensed Vocational Nurses monitoring patients’ health, ensure patients’ comfort as they assist with bathing and dressing, … Read the rest