LPN Programs Iselin, NJ

Licensed Practical Nurses provide direct nursing care to patients or residents in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other health care facilities. Practical nursing programs deliver theory and practical instruction that will equip adults with a foundational knowledge of scientific principles and the competencies to administer medications, collect data on patients’ histories, monitor IVs, dress wounds, delegate tasks, and supervise the activities of Certified Nursing Assistants.

Licensed practical nurses are vital to the nursing team in their role as a liaison … Read the rest

LPN Programs Piscataway, NJ

Licensed Practical Nurses function as vital links between patients and registered nurses and physicians. As a part of the nursing team, they assist with planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care. Primary duties include but are not limited to observation and reporting to supervisory personnel, assisting patients with personal care, administration of medication, wound care, prepping patients for operative treatments, and supervising certified nursing assistants and other unlicensed personnel. Practical nurses work in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, … Read the rest

LPN Programs Union, NJ

A career in nursing offers the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of patients. Licensed practical nurses contribute to the success and stability of the patient care team and the physical and mental well-being of patients. Practical nursing programs equip adults with the knowledge and clinical abilities to function as a vital part of the interdisciplinary team, but the intrinsic values such as compassion, understanding, empathy, professionalism, integrity, and diligence are what truly contribute to a nurse’s … Read the rest

LPN Programs Trenton, NJ

As a contributing member of the healthcare team, a licensed practical nurse is invaluable to patient care. Working under the direction of a registered nurse or physician, the LPN assists with the evaluation of patient needs and monitors patients’ condition, reporting any concerns to a senior member of the patient care team. Responsibilities may include collecting data, delegating patient care, dressing wounds, measuring vital signs, conducting physical assessments, administering medications, assisting patients with personal grooming and hygiene, and providing physical … Read the rest

LPN Programs Jersey City, NJ

The Affordable Care Act paves the way for millions of people to gain access to healthcare and subsequently increases the demand for healthcare professionals. According to experts, over 400,000 new job openings will be created annually for the next 10 years. Many of the job openings will be for nurses and nursing assistants. The aging population, requiring a great deal of extra care, will place added burdens on the healthcare system. New nurses will help to fill vacancies left by … Read the rest

LPN Programs Newark, NJ

Licensed practical nurses work alongside and under the direction of registered nurses and physicians in a skilled nursing facility. They assist in the healthcare services provided to children, infants, and new mothers, adults, and seniors. In the hospital, LPNs may share some of the same responsibilities with RNs, such as administering medications, direct patient care, monitoring patients and reporting adverse reactions to medications. Prospective LPNs must be compassionate, patient, and emotionally stable. Additional qualities that will help the LPN succeed … Read the rest