LPN to RN Requirements and Training Programs Pennsylvania 

 Nursing is the art of caring for others. There is a steady demand for qualified nurses to care for an ailing population. The rise in chronic illnesses among the senior population and retirement for existing nurses are just two of many factors that almost guarantee a continued needed to new nurses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the nursing industry will see a 6% increase in jobs by 2031, making a career in nursing a great choice. 

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LPN Programs Hazleton, PA

Practical nursing provides a fast track to one of the most rewarding careers. Licensed Practical Nurses work as a critical member of the nursing team, caring for patients under the direction of a registered nurse. Employment opportunities for graduates exist in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, and home health. The majority of LPNs are employed in long-term care where they meet the ongoing needs of the aging population. Their duties include wound care, administration of medication, patient advocacy, creating and managing … Read the rest

LPN Programs Willow Grove, PA

Capitalize on your strengths and start a rewarding career as a practical nurse. Before enrolling in a licensed practical nursing program, consider your character qualities. Are you caring, compassionate, patient, and attentive? These qualities, more than the technical skills gained in the nursing program, will determine your chances of success. As a practical nurse, you’ll work closely with patients to promote health, educate individuals, families, and communities, and assist in the recovery from acute or chronic diseases.

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LPN Programs Bethlehem, PA

Employment opportunities for Licensed Practical Nurses are projected to grow 16 percent between the years 2014 and 2024. This outlook as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics echoes the sentiments of LPNs in the field who are experiencing first-hand the opportunities that are still available for these trained professionals. While the majority of LPNs work in long-term care, there are other areas of health care that value the contributions LPNs make to patient care. The aging population raises the … Read the rest

LPN Programs Harrisburg, PA

Nurses promote optimal health through their support of individuals, families, and communities and by providing counsel on the prevention of diseases. They promote wellness, restore health, and support rehabilitation. As a contributing member of the health care team, licensed practical nurses care for patients under the supervision of a registered nurse. Due to stricter requirements for nurses in acute care environments, the majority of practical nurses today provide care a long-term and home health care settings. Duties may include providing … Read the rest

LPN Programs Scranton, PA

Licensed practical nurses (LPN) provide quality patient-centered, evidenced-based care patients across the health care continuum. Though they do not have the extensive scope of practice as professional registered nurses, LPNs share the same commitment to the provision of safe and cost-effective care and are essential partners, with the rest of the patient care team, in meeting the needs of the complex health care system. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for LPNs will grow 22 percent by … Read the rest

LPN Programs Pittsburgh, PA

Advancements in the field of medicine increase life expectancy. As a result, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor projects a sharp increase in the need for nursing professionals. Physicians rely on nurses to take an active role in patient care and recovery, and due to their expanded roles, they must have adequate training to improve the quality of care in various medical institutions. If you have a spirit of caring and compassion, enrolling in a practical … Read the rest

LPN Programs Philadelphia, PA

Look through the classifieds online or in your local newspaper and you’ll find jobs for full-time and part-time nurses and certified nurse assistants. The plethora of openings is good news for those enrolled in a practical nursing program as graduates are almost certain to find employment. The aging population creates an enormous need for nurses in home-based care. Practical nurses also work under the direction of physicians, registered nurses, and licensed dentists in hospitals, doctors’ offices, substance abuse clinics, prison … Read the rest