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If you’re a current licensed practical nurse and want to take on more responsibility in patient care, enrolling in an LPN to RN program will prepare you for a role as a registered nurse in just one year. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses may have many duties in common is some health care settings. However, there are major differences between the two, including educational preparation, rate of pay, and overall job responsibilities. As an LPN, you will provide basic … Read the rest

LPN Programs Hinesville, GA

Get ready to make an impact on the healthcare industry as you join the army of nurses who provide life-giving care to patients at a critical point in their lives. The practical nursing program is designed to produce new nurses for the workforce in just one year. This is a worthwhile option if you want to “test the waters” before enrolling in an associate or baccalaureate degree in nursing. What’s more, the job outlook for licensed practical nurses is almost … Read the rest

LPN Programs Covington, GA

Licensed practical nursing provides an exciting opportunity to touch the lives of others and in turn, have your life transformed. Nursing is a special calling. It requires compassion, a genuine desire to help others, patience, organization, empathy, people skills, physical and emotional fortitude, and problem-solving skills. As an LPN, you’ll provide basic bedside care and attend to patients in many ways. Measuring and recording patients’ vital signs, feeding, bathing, and dressing, and administering injections are just some of the responsibilities. … Read the rest

LPN Programs Valdosta, GA

Licensed practical nurses help people with their daily needs when they’re unable to do so on their own. The role of LPN is ever changing to accommodate the complexities and growth of the health care delivery system. General duties include wound care, measuring and recording vitals, observation and reporting concerns to registered nurses and physicians, administering medications, prepping patients for surgery, provision post-surgical care, end of life care, supervising nursing assistants, and developing and implementing patient care plans.

Licensed practical … Read the rest

LPN Programs Marietta, GA

New healthcare models that rest on increasing education for nurses have created a conundrum for licensed practical nurses. The focus on better care for patients suddenly affected the positions of existing and new LPNs in acute care. As early as 2007, leading hospitals have sought to replace their licensed practical nurses with registered nurses. What do the changes mean for someone with interest in licensed practical nursing?

Despite the new trends in hiring, the profession survives. In response to the … Read the rest

LPN Programs Albany, GA

A licensed practical nurse helps patients meet their daily physical and medical needs when they’re unable to do so for themselves. Their constantly evolving role changes in response to patients’ needs and the complexities of the health care system. Working under the supervision of a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse administers medication, provides wound care and before and after surgical care, checks and records vital signs, provides emotional, mental, physical and emotional support, performs basic medical procedures, and supervises … Read the rest

LPN Programs Savannah, GA

Although licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are not certified to manage the wide range of responsibilities of a registered nurse, they are critical members of the patient care team. In some settings, they can administer medications, develop patient care plans, and update patient records under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician. Other primary responsibilities include serving meals, checking vital signs, cleaning and managing instruments, and changing dressings. Practical nursing programs in colleges and technical and vocational schools and high … Read the rest

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The high demand for professionals with a passion for patient care makes nursing one of today’s top profession. The licensed practical nurse is a vital member of the nursing care team who works under the direct supervision of a registered nurse or physician. In almost every healthcare setting, the LPN provides basic bedside care and support to disabled, ill, convalescent, and injured patients. Practical nursing programs run for approximately 12 months and prepare students for employment in the fast-paced healthcare … Read the rest