LPN Programs Wheeling, IL

The aging baby-boomer population increases the overall need for healthcare services. Licensed practical nurses are needed in home health environments and residential care facilities to care for senior patients. Upon completion of a formal licensed practical nursing program, graduates become eligible to take the NCLEX-PN for licensure in Illinois. LPNs can them practice under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician to keep patient records, monitor patients’ health, report the status of patients, administer basic nursing care, assist patients … Read the rest

LPN Programs Springfield, IL

An estimated 650,000 nurses make up the long-term care workforce, caring for the growing number of aging persons in need to continuous care. LPNs in long-term care settings make up the majority of the total LPN workforce in Illinois due to a change in the hiring policies and requirements at hospitals across the state. Apart from working in nursing homes, LPNs work in home health agencies and assisted living facilities. They provide direct patient care and their duties may include … Read the rest

LPN Programs in Chicago, IL

As Americans live longer, there’s a greater demand for nursing care. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) cares for the injured, sick, and disabled under the direction of a registered nurse or licensed physician. LPNs primarily provide bedside care, taking patients’ vital signs, preparing and administering enemas and injections, treating bedsores, and monitoring patients to report critical changes. Through LPN training, students learn how to collect samples, record fluid intake and output, administer prescribed medications, and start intravenous fluids. LPNs, who … Read the rest