LPN to RN Requirements and Training Programs Ohio

Licensed practical nurses provide basic care in long-term care facilities. Their main objective is to oversee the care and comfort of patients. While the job may be rewarding, there are numerous reasons why you might be considering enrolling in an LPN to RN bridge program to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses often supervise practical nurses. They have a greater role in patient care, access to better positions including opportunities to lead, and they earn more than practical nurses. The … Read the rest

LPN Programs Westerville, OH

Establish a stable career by training for an occupation where there is high demand. According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is one of the fastest-growing occupations. Demand is not expected to slow down especially in light of the expanding needs of the baby boomer population and the expectation that close to half of the nursing workforce will retire in the next decade.

Although there’s a market for qualified nurses, licensed practical nurses can face … Read the rest

LPN Programs Canton, OH

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the profession of the licensed practical nursing, these professionals provide a much-needed service, especially in the area of long-term care. Licensed practical nurses use their basic knowledge of physical, biological, social, behavioral and nursing sciences to provide care under the direction of a registered nurse, dentist, physician, or optometrist. Their duties depend on the medical setting, and includes taking vital signs, wound care, applying dressings, preparing and administering medications, IV therapy, and injections, inserting catheters, and … Read the rest

LPN Programs Cleveland, OH

Licensed practical nurses form an integral part of the health care team. They function in this role by executing the nursing process under the direction and with guidance from a registered nurse, physician, or dentist. LPNs work in a variety of health care settings, filling the needs of clients or patients experiencing common acute and long-term conditions that affect physical or mental wellness. They operate within a set scope of practice and participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of … Read the rest

LPN Programs Akron, OH

The entry-level licensed practical nursing certificate can be rewarding in itself, but it can also lead to a two-year or four-year nursing degree and a better paying job. For high school graduates and adults seeking a career change, the LPN program is an excellent choice. Schools such as the Akron School of Practical Nursing and North Coast Medical Training Academy in nearby Kent offer affordable tuition and quality programs that students can complete in just 12 months. Surging applications to … Read the rest

LPN Programs Youngstown, OH

Practical nursing education may be your final stop in nursing or your first step on the path to becoming a registered nurse. Whatever your long-term goals, practical nursing will provide a rewarding experience as you collaborate with a health care team to manage patient care. As an LPN, you’ll work under the direction of an RN, physician, or other licensed medical practitioner to ensure the physical, social, and emotional needs of patients. The practical nursing program will help you to … Read the rest

LPN Programs Columbus, OH

Licensed practical nurses serve as a vital link between registered nurses, physicians, and patients. They participate in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care. Their duties include, but are not limited to, observing, recording, and reporting critical information to senior medical staff, administering medication and treatment, wound care, assisting patients with the activities of daily living, and prepping patients for operative procedures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for LPNs is expected to grow faster than the … Read the rest