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Licensed practical nurses are valued members of the patient care team. Their one-on-one interactions with clients require competence and compassion to care for those in physical and emotional distress. LPNs make good use of their observational, critical thinking, communication, management, and decision-making skills throughout their interactions with patients, their families, registered nurses, physicians, and other members of the health care team. The Nurse Practice Act along with workplace policies define LPNs scope of practice. In nursing homes, they may take a lead role, supervising CNAs and other unlicensed staff. Their duties may include administrative tasks, such as keeping records and scheduling appointments, in physicians’ offices. LPNs in home health care may prepare meals and demonstrate how to perform basic nursing tasks to family members. The Bureau of Labor Statistic projects a 25 percent growth in employment opportunities for LPNs through the year 2020.

Florida State College at Jacksonville

The Practical Nursing program at Florida State College is a limited access program that prepares students for entry-level employment. Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN for state licensure to care for patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health care facilities. The course curriculum is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing and adheres to the core competencies of the Florida Department of Education. Following the didactic theory in the classroom, students must complete the clinical rotations in multiple clinical settings to obtain hands-on experience under the supervision of an experienced course instructor. Admission to the program depends on the student’s ability to meet the school’s academic requirements. Applicants must secure admissions to Florida State College before submitting an application to the PN program. All applicants must successfully complete a criminal background check, drug screen, physical exam, and immunization. The admissions department will make a decision after reviewing the applicant’s high school transcript or GED scores, evidence of CPR certification, TABE scores, and HESI Admission Assessment scores. Tuition for the 47-week program is $3,902 plus $1,800 for textbooks and supplies.

Jersey College

Jersey College’s LPN Program prepares students for a successful, entry-level career in the healthcare industry. The program is a combination of coursework and clinical experiences to develop well-rounded students. Graduates will possess the problem solving, technical, and critical thinking skills needed to succeed on the job. Students can complete the program in just four 12-week terms – day and evening options are available. In the classroom, instructors begin with the foundational courses and advance to complex areas, such as mental, pediatric, and maternal nursing. Students develop clinical skills through hands-on opportunities in the school’s lab followed by real-world experiences in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. The open curriculum lets students enter and exit at key intervals. The entire program offers a total of 1,501 contact hours. Graduates are eligible to take the state licensure exam and may also enroll in a bridge program to pursue advanced nursing. Tuition is $18,530 plus $3,490 for textbooks and supplies.

Concorde Career Institute

Concorde’s PN program emphasizes a hands-on curriculum to equip students with the skills they need to serve as effective members of a health care team. Course instructors cover didactic and clinical instruction in the areas of pharmacology, nursing fundamentals, obstetric nursing, medical-surgical nursing, mental health nursing, and pediatric nursing. Students also cover foundational courses such as anatomy, physiology, laws and ethics, communication skills, and trends and issues in nursing. Through the engaging clinical sessions, students are exposed to various health care settings where they develop critical thinking and other skills required for success as a practical nurse. Tuition for the 52-week program is $24,700 plus $3,205 for books and supplies. Financial aid is available through Federal loans for qualifying students.

Southeastern College – Jacksonville

The Practical Nursing program will prepare students for a career as a Practical Nurse. Students will become familiar with the techniques and procedures for providing basic bedside care to patients in nursing homes, clinic, and hospitals. During the 12-month programs, students will learn to measure and report vital signs, communicate with patients and members of the health care team, observe and report adverse reactions, collect specimens for testing, feed patients, record fluid intake and output, perform basic lab tests, and assist patients with the activities of daily living. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and pass an entrance exam to enroll in the college. For entry into the nursing program, students must submit an application to the nursing department, pass an nursing pre-entrance exam, provide the results of a TB test, pass a 10-panel drug screen, provide a health exam report, provide evidence of current immunization, submit a written essay, and pass an interview with the Program Director. Students will earn 52 college credits at the conclusion of the program. Tuition is $26,394 plus $3,132 for books and supplies.

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