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Nursing has been an in-demand job for many years, but the aging population, advances in technology, and health care reform have intensified the demands for nursing professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for licensed practical nurses will grow by 25% through 2020 and outpace the national average for all professions. Aspiring nurses already know that healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries, and new graduates have an excellent chance of securing employment in long-term, acute care, and home health care. Licensed practical nurses are entry-level workers, providing basic patient care under the guidance and direction of registered nurses and physicians. Their duties include feeding or bathing patients, monitoring vital signs, applying bandages, administering medications and treatments, and communicating vital information that can impact patients’ lives. LPNs work in various health care settings such as private homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices, clinics, schools, and correctional facilities.

Fortis College – Richmond

Fortis College practical nursing program equips students with the knowledge and skills for entry-level employment as an LPN in long-term care, home health care, and acute care settings. The blended program includes didactic instruction in the classroom where instructors cover topics such as practical nursing concepts, mental health concepts, physiology and anatomy, human growth and development, maternal child nursing, medical-surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, geriatric nursing, issues and trends in nursing, communication and interpersonal skills, ethics and laws, and transition to nursing. The clinical practice occurs at Fortis partners in the community, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. The full-time only class runs for 60 weeks. Graduates will be prepared for success on the NCLEX-PN. Tuition for the program is $21,902 plus $1,250 for books and supplies.

Reynolds Community College

The Practical Nursing Certificate at Reynolds Community College prepares graduates to function as an integral member of the healthcare team by using their knowledge and skills to promote health and wellness. Graduates are also eligible to take the national exam for licensure as a Practical Nurse. Applicants must submit an official high school transcript or GED, college transcripts (if applicable), and a completed application to the college admissions department, and one to the nursing department. Applicants must also attend an information session and pass placement tests in English and mathematics. For final admission into the certificate program, students must complete the development courses and score well on Kaplan Pre-Admission Exam, provide documentation of AHA BLS Certification for Health Care Providers, and meet the legal and health requirements for the clinical experience. The estimated program cost is $9099 including tuition, books, equipment, supplies, uniform, shoes, health requirements, HESI testing, health requirements, drug screening, and license applications.

ECPI University – Emerywood

ECPI University’s Practical Nursing program prepares students to become an important member of the healthcare team. Students complete the nursing diploma in 15 months (1,621 contact hours) and learn how to participate in the delivery of care to patients, use critical thinking skills, and communicate effectively with patients, their families and members of the healthcare team. The program begins with intensive classroom instruction augmented with hands-on sessions in a simulated lab followed by clinical experiences in a healthcare environment. The clinical sessions account for 50 percent of the program and gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and use critical thinking skills in a real-world setting. The nursing course includes foundations of nursing, dosage calculations, acute care nursing, nursing leadership, pharmacology, normal life span, and medical-surgical nursing. Tuition is $35,865 plus $1,559 for books and supplies.

Centura College

The Practical Nursing Program at Centura College prepares students for an exciting and rewarding career in nursing. The program is 15 months and graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX for state licensure. The curriculum includes theoretical instruction in the classroom and practical instruction in a simulated lab and at clinical sites. The curriculum includes classes in diet and nutrition, stages of maturity, pediatric nursing, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, basic nursing, mathematics for nurses, medical-surgical nursing, trends in nursing, mental health concepts, management and leadership, and PN capstone. Students earn 48 credit hours which are transferable to RN programs. Tuition is $32,400 plus $2,396 for books and supplies. Financing is available through grants, scholarships, loans, and institutional financing plans.

Chester Career College

The Practical Nursing (PN) faculty at Chester Career College promotes professionalism and life-long learning for all students. Students are prepared to practice as competent entry-level nurses under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. Graduates can petition the Virginia Board of Nursing to take the NCLEX for state licensure. Students learn through a combination of classroom learning, hands-on training in a simulated lab, and supervised clinical experiences in community nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics. Some of the topics students study include obstetrics, leadership, medical surgical nursing, pediatrics, pharmacology, fundamentals of nursing, and trends in nursing. Tuition for the 16-month training is $30,020 plus expenses for books and supplies.

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