LPN Programs Aurora, CO

Nurses have a vital role in the healthcare industry. In their contact with patients, they must be proficient, capable, culturally sensitive, and professional. But more than the skills they gain in professional practical nursing programs, they must master or naturally possess vital qualities that involve caring for the whole person. If you do not have these specific traits, do not despair as some of them may be strengthened in the program. However, anyone considering a career in nursing should be sympathetic to others’ suffering. Nurses work on the front lines of care. Through compassionate interactions they relieve patients’ suffering and make a difference in the recovery process.

Respect for patients forms the foundation of the profession. Patients may be anxious, irritable, upset, or downright antagonistic as they cope with illness. With an understanding of patients’ situation, nurses must help patients maintain their dignity and be fair and ethical at all times. Throughout the practical nursing program, students will learn think critically and make rational decisions under pressure, pay attention to detail, and communicate effectively with patients and members of the healthcare team. The curriculum is designed to be completed in one year and includes the technical and practical skills that will students develop confidence in their ability to deliver high quality patient care.

Practical nursing programs prepare students to meet the challenges of patient care in the complex health care environment and stay positive in spite of the physical and emotional demands of the job. If you’re committed to providing care for others, the rewards of nursing will outweigh the challenges and you’ll have a long, satisfactory, and successful career as a nurse.

Concorde Career College

The practical nursing program at Concorde College prepares students to become a vital member of the healthcare team. The program combines practical nursing and academics to care for patients in acute and long-term care settings. Throughout the program, students will learn how to provide quality, safe, and patient-centered care using evidence-based practice, function as an entry-level healthcare provider, provide systems-based care, collaborate with members of the interpersonal healthcare team, and support the dignity, integrity, and personal growth of diverse patients. Course topics include fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, English composition, dosage calculations, human growth and development, foundations for health professions, pharmacology, and fundamentals of nursing. Other topics include family nursing, readiness for practice, family nursing applications, mental health nursing, nursing care of adults, and nursing care of adults application. The curriculum covers a total of 900 clock hours: 375 theory hours, 120 lab hours, and 405 clinical hours. At the conclusion of the 40-week program, students will earn a diploma and will be eligible to take the NCLEX for practical nurses.

Admission criteria:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Complete the entrance assessments – Entrance assessments include the Wonderlic SLE and HESI. Prospective students must earn 22 on the Wonderlic and 75 on the HESI.
  • Consent to have a criminal background check
  • Submit a health certificate and immunization records
  • Possess a valid social security number
  • Attend a personal interview

The total program cost of $27,480 includes tuition, books, and supplies.

  • Website: https://www.concorde.edu/
  • Address: 111 N. Havana Street, Aurora, CO 80010
  • Phone: 303-861-1151
  • Fax: 303-839-5478
  • Toll free: 1-800-693-7010
  • NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 75.95%

PIMA Medical Institute

The practical nursing program at PIMA Medical Institute prepares students to become a valuable of the healthcare team. The program is designed to be completed in 48 weeks. It covers a total of 1,061 hours of theory, lab, and clinical hours. Graduates will earn 44 credits and will be eligible to sit the NCLEX-PN for practical nursing licensure in Colorado. Course topics include medical terminology, communication and composition, nutrition, human development across lifespan, strategies for PN success, anatomy and physiology, introduction to nursing, elder care and nursing theory, and clinical foundations of nursing. During the final three semesters, students will learn role transition, intravenous theory, maternal child nursing, adult medical and surgical, and community health.

Admission criteria:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Written approval from a parent or guardian if under the legal age
  • Take an entrance exam and pass with a minimum score
  • Complete a background check and drug screen
  • Attend a personal interview
  • Achieve the minimum score on a math screening exam and nursing admission test

Tuition for the program is $25,960. The cost includes tuition, registration fee, textbooks, and uniform.

  • Website: https://pmi.edu/
  • Address: 13750 E. Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012
  • Phone: 800-477-PIMA
  • NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 70%

Front Range Community College

The practical nursing program at Front Range Community College prepares students to function as practical nurses. Graduates will receive a Practical Nursing Certificate after completing 43 credits and will be eligible to sit the NCLEX for licensure as a practical nurse. The program may be completed in one year of full-time study. Course topics include pharmacology calculations, health assessments, alterations in adult health, practical nursing arts and skills, advancement into practical nursing, concepts of obstetric nursing, pediatric nursing, and mental health nursing. Students will also learn principles of geriatric nursing, application of adult health, maternal and newborn nursing, basic anatomy and physiology, and dietary nutrition or human nutrition. Due to competitive admission, administrators will use scores from a preadmission assessment exam to select students.

Admission criteria:

  • Take the preadmission assessment
  • Complete the prerequisite courses with a grade C or above
  • Complete the online background check
  • Have current CPR certification
  • Complete a urine drug screen
  • Complete the health summary with documented records

Tuition for the program is $6,929. Books and supplies cost $3,525.

  • Website: https://www.frontrange.edu
  • Address: 3645 West 112th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031
  • Phone: (303) 404-5000
  • Fax: (303) 466-1623
  • NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 100%

Pickens Technical College

The Practical Nursing program at Pickens Technical College supplies the quality education that students need to become a member of the professional healthcare team. The curriculum covers 855 clock hours or 36 credit hours. Students must complete 7 credits of prerequisite courses. Courses required for the Certificate in Practical Nursing include pharmacology calculations, alterations in adult health, basic assessment for practical nursing, practical nursing arts and skills, pharmacology, and advancement into practical nursing. The program will also cover concepts of maternal/newborn nursing, pediatric nursing, mental health nursing, geriatric nursing, and clinical experiences. The clinical experience begins after the first quarter and requires completion of 8 to 12 hour shifts for 2 to 3 days per weeks. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 7:50 am to 2:55 pm Monday through Friday. The program is designed to be completed in two semesters. Prerequisite courses include English Composition, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology. Medical terminology and dietary nutrition along with Nurse Aide Certification and experience in health are strongly recommended. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be eligible to take the NCLEX for practical nurses.

Admission criteria:

  • A completed application
  • Complete a physical form and ensure that it is signed and dated
  • Have a current American Health Association Healthcare Provider CPR card
  • Provide proof of immunization for Hepatitis B, Varicella, Tdap, Rubella, MMR, and current TB screen
  • Complete a background check
  • Complete fingerprinting as part of the background check process
  • Complete a drug screen
  • Provide proof of citizenship/legal residency
  • Take the TEAS V Test and obtain a proficient score and a score of 58 or higher on the overall reading score.

The total estimated cost of attendance is $15,758. The cost includes tuition, fees, student ID, clinical charges, books, ATI CARP Assessment Packet, nursing kit, TEAS V test, CPR, and background check and drug screen.

Emily Griffith Technical College

Emily Griffith Technical College prepares adults for entry-level employment as a practical nurse. Theory and practical experiences are designed to equip students with knowledge, skills, and technical abilities to provide compassionate and professional care in acute and long-term facilities. Students will complete 37.5 credit hours to receive the Practical Nursing Diploma. Course topics include Alterations in Adult Health I, Basic Health Assessment for the Practical Nurse, Practical Nursing Arts and Skills, Pharmacology for Practical Nursing, Advancement into Practical Nursing, Basic Concepts of Maternal-Newborn Nursing, Basic Concepts of Pediatric Nursing, Basic Concepts of Mental Health Nursing, Basic Concepts of Geriatric, Application of Practical Nursing Skills, and IV Therapy for LPNs. Prerequisite courses are medical terminology and anatomy and physiology. Day and evening schedules are available for students’ convenience. The evening program meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm for 18 months. The daytime program meets Mondays through Thursdays from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm for 11 months.

Admission criteria:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete the prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better – must have completed within the last 7 years
  • Complete TABE or EdReady admissions exam
  • Submit official transcripts from all other colleges attended
  • Must have a current CNA or MA certificate
  • Submit documentation of annual TB test or chest x-ray within the past 5 years
  • Submit documentation of MMR, varicella, and hepatitis B
  • Must have current American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR card
  • Provide proof of annual seasonal flu vaccine
  • Complete a satisfactory background check and 10-panel drug screen
  • Must have and maintain professional liability insurance

The estimated cost of the program is $12,125. Expenses for books, supplies, and fees are not included in the cost.


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