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As Americans live longer, there’s a greater demand for nursing care. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) cares for the injured, sick, and disabled under the direction of a registered nurse or licensed physician. LPNs primarily provide bedside care, taking patients’ vital signs, preparing and administering enemas and injections, treating bedsores, and monitoring patients to report critical changes. Through LPN training, students learn how to collect samples, record fluid intake and output, administer prescribed medications, and start intravenous fluids. LPNs, who work in physicians’ offices, may also schedule appointments, maintain records, and perform other administrative duties. Most LPNs work in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, and nursing care facilities. However, there is tremendous growth for LPNs in long-term care facilities and private homes. LPNs in Chicago, and throughout Illinois, must take the NCLEX-PN for licensure with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Triton College

At the end of Triton’s nursing program, students will have the knowledge and clinical skills required to pass the NCLEX-PN for licensure as practical nurses. Graduates earn an associate in applied science degree and can easily enroll in a registered nursing program at a future time. The program is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and as such, candidates must meet the criminal background check requirements. The clinical sites may require drug screen, immunization, liability insurance, and TB testing. Applicants must present a high school diploma or GED and earn passing scores on the pre-admission computer proficiency, math, reading, and writing tests. Students who are permanent residents in River Grover and environs will receive preference when the number of applicants exceeds the available seats. Tuition for the 71-credit associate’s degree is $13,490 plus school fees, textbooks, uniform, and supplies.

Website: https://www.triton.edu/collegecatalog/nursing.htm

Address: 2000 Fifth Avenue, River Grove, IL 60171

Phone: (708) 456-0300

Email: admissions@triton.edu

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 100%

Adonis College of Nursing

Adonis College of Nursing’s tutors use their experience in the field to ensure students obtain a world-class education. Applicants must participate in urine drug screening and obtain a criminal record check and child abuse history clearance before the first day of classes. A health examination, TB skin test, immunization, health insurance, and CPR are other requirements for enrollment. The school’s admissions department will only review applications from persons with a high school diploma or GED and an active listing on the CNA registry. Students earn a certificate at the end of the 11-month program and are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN for state licensure. Tuition is an affordable $18,500 for Illinois residents and $25,000 for non-residents. Financial aid may be available for qualified students.


Address: 1313 East Sibley Blvd., Dolton, Illinois 60419

Phone: 708-841-3302

Fax: 708 880-1871

Email: info@bestmedcarenurses.com

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 100%

City Colleges of Chicago – Wilbur Wright

The Practical Nursing program at the City Colleges of Chicago is 64 weeks long. The program equips students with the knowledge and skills to take the NCLEX-PN to become licensed practical nurses. Applicants must complete the program application in full, possess a high school diploma or GED, and complete the pre-requisite courses, including the science courses. Students must meet the CPR, background check, and health requirements upon acceptance into the program. Students who fail to complete the requirements will forfeit their admission and will need to reapply. The course content includes terminology for medical careers, human structure and function, biology, introductory statistics, nursing fundaments, nursing perspectives, and nursing throughout the life span. Tuition for the program is $6,161 plus $4,773 for textbooks and supplies.

Website: http://www.ccc.edu/colleges/wright/departments/Pages/Nursing.aspx

Address: 4300 N. Narragansett Ave Chicago, IL 60634

Phone: (773) 777-7900

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 85%

Ambria College of Nursing

Graduates of Ambria’s LPN program receive a certificate of completion and are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN for licensure as practical nurses. Ambria’s pass rate is among the highest in Illinois as the instructors remain committed to students’ success on the exam. LPN graduates are not only qualified to assume practical nursing positions in acute care and long-term care settings, but also qualify for entry into LPN-to-RN programs. Applicants must first attend an information session, which will provide in-depth detail on the program, such as enrollment requirements, schedules, entrance exam reviews, clinical sites, and transfer of credits. The program comprises of 392 lecture hours and 729 clinical hours for a total of 1,121. Applicants seeking admission must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalency, submit COMPASS placement test results, a health record, background check, and alcohol and drug screening. The total cost of attendance is $27,680 for tuition, textbooks, nursing lab kit, fees, uniform, student service charge, and a computer proficiency exam.

Website: https://www.ambria.edu/Programs/LPN/LPNProgram/tabid/906/Default.aspx

Address: 5210 Trillium Blvd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Phone: 847-397-0300

Email: admissions@ambria.edu

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 85%

PCCTI Healthcare

PCCTI’s goal is to ensure all enrolled students acquire the didactic and clinical instruction in the field of practical nursing. Students who earn 84% or higher in the program and pass the exit exam increase their chances of passing the NCLEX-PN with a score of 94% or greater. The program is a one-year certificate program that prepares students to provide care for disabled, sick, and injured patients. Through a combination of classroom instruction, simulated labs, and externships in long-term and acute care settings, students cover the essential aspects of nursing including basic nursing principles, methodology, pharmacology, and specialized nursing. Students must earn at least 90% on the ATI exit exam in order to graduate from the program.

Entry requirements include active CNA certification, a high school diploma or GED, CPR, background check, health insurance, two letters of recommendation, current TB test results, and clearance of 10-panel drug screening. Tuition is $21,995 plus $225 for the non-refundable registration and application.

Website: https://pccti.com/programs/lpn-program/

Address: 216 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 900, Chicago, IL

Phone: (312) 920-8822

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 76.20%

Great Paragon Healthcare Inc.

Great Paragon Healthcare provides practical nursing training for prospective employees. Applicants must present a transcript of records – mathematics, English, pharmacology, medical terminology, and basic nursing assistant (CNA) training – to the admission coordinator. A criminal background check, drug screen, TB test, and immunization are other requirements for entry. Enrollment is limited. Great Paragon administrators enroll those who are most qualified for the program. Morning and evening schedules are available.

Website: http://www.greatparagonhealthcare.com/home-health-careprograms-offered

Address: 2640 W Touhy Ave., Suite 206, Chicago, IL 60645-3147

Phone: 773-274-7694

Fax: 773-274-9082

Email: info@greatparagonhealthcare.com

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 72.66%

ATS Institute of Technology

The practical nursing program at ATS Institute of Technology is open for admissions three times per year. Day and evening schedules are available for the three-semester program. Course instructors combine classroom instruction and practical experiences to introduce students to the concepts of health promotion and maintenance. Modules include pharmacology, basic nursing care, disease process, behavioral health, medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics, maternity, and specialty nursing. Students practice their nursing skills in the school’s modern simulated lab before participating in clinical rotations at long-term care facilities and hospitals. Applicants must take the ACCUPLACER exam, possess up-to-date medical records and immunization, and complete CPR for health care providers. Once enrolled, students must provide evidence of CPR, health insurance, current immunization, Hepatitis B series, flu shots, and TB screen results before the sixth week of the first semester – required before commencing the mandatory clinical rotation. The total cost of attendance is $28,344.18. The program fee covers tuition, NCLEX materials and course review, textbooks, and administrative fees. Financial aid may be available for qualified students.

Website: http://atsinstitute.edu/chicago/nursing-programs.aspx?#practical+nursing+program

Address: 25 East Washington St, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312-214-2000

Fax: 312-419-7421

Email: ChicagoAdmissions@atsinstitute.edu

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 66%

International Career Institute ICI

Before enrolling in the LPN program at ICI, students must complete the prerequisite courses (or equivalent coursework), which include English Composition, College Algebra, Computer Fundamentals, General Psychology, Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, and CNA Certification. Applicants must also meet the age requirement (18 years and older), possess a high school diploma, undergo a fingerprint-based criminal history check and a medical assessment. The school’s administration also requires students to pass an assessment exam, provide academic transcripts, and complete CPR certification. The practical nursing program is 1000 clock hours, consisting of nursing and related courses to prepare graduates to work as entry-level practical nurses under the direction of a registered nurse. Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN after meeting all other state requirements for licensure. ICI’s LPN program utilizes coordinated theory, laboratory, and clinical instruction in the classroom, and at acute care and long-term care facilities. Tuition for the program is $13,995 plus general fees and incidental costs. General fees include registration, lab fees, technology fee, liability insurance, identification card, and the NCLEX-PN preparatory tool. The incidental costs of approximately $750 include a nursing kit, course textbooks, admission exam, background check, NCLEX-PN exam fee, and uniform.

Website: http://www.ici-training.com/#!lpn/cyz6

Address: 6425 N. Hamlinave, Lincolnwood, Il 60712

Phone: 847-929-6129

Email: info@ici-training.com

NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 54%

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