LPN Programs New Orleans, LA

As a state, Louisiana is working collaboratively with all interested parties to address the shortage of nurses that’s projected to increase in next decade in response to the aging baby boomer population. Along with the aging population, an estimated 48% of the workforce is approaching retirement age, and there’s growing concerns about the ability to train new staff to meet population demands. According to a report from the Louisiana Center for Nursing, the majority of LPNs are employment in long-term care facilities (5,411) and hospitals (4,569). The primary effects of the nursing shortage will be felt in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Houma. Admission to LPN training programs is largely competitive as there’s a struggle to enroll students to meet the workforce demands. The challenge of enrolling enough students is compounded by the limited space availability in relation to the volume of applicants. Prospective students must seek to meet the enrollment requirements as closely as possible to gain a spot in the competitive admission programs. Training includes didactic and practical learning opportunities to equip graduates with the skills to feed, bath, and dress patient, administer medication, monitor equip, supervise staff, and monitor patients’ progress.

Delgado Community College

The practical nursing program at Delgado Community College prepares students for practice as a licensed practical nurse. The training includes classroom lectures and clinical experience – which accounts for more than 50 percent of the training. Students must earn 80% or higher on the required major courses such as introduction to practical nursing, essential nursing skills, medical surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, obstetrical nursing, mental health nursing, introduction to pharmacology, career preparation, pharmacotherapy and nursing, and drug dosage calculations. Other courses include an introduction to anatomy and physiology and medical nutrition therapy. Upon completion of the 59 credit hours, graduates become eligible to take NCLEX for practical nurses. Applicants must be a high school graduate or have a high school equivalency, test out of developmental English, math, and reading via Delgado’s placement test or qualifying ACT scores, pass the pre-nursing entrance exam, and submit a completed application package. Applicants must be a US citizen or resident. Tuition for the program is $10,027. Additional expenses for uniforms, LSBPNE initial fees, books, CPR, nurse cap, fingerprinting, FBI check, cap and gown, graduation fee, liability insurance, health, and drug screen will apply.

Nunez Community College

Through its comprehensive practical nursing program, Nunez Community College seeks to meet the educational needs of students preparing to provide bedside care as practical nurses. The revised program now permits faster entry and completion of the curriculum requirements, so students are able to graduate in 16 months. Course topics include fundamentals of nursing, introduction to anatomy and physiology, diet and nutrition therapy, pharmacology and math of nursing, medical surgical nursing, IV therapy, maternal child nursing, mental health nursing, and practical nursing professionalism. Students must complete a total of 69 credits to graduate from the program. The curriculum offers 1631 contact hours: 746 hours in the classroom, 173 lab hours, and 712 clinical hours. Admission to the program is limited and competitive. Applicants must be registered students at Nunez Community College and meet all College admission requirements including a high school diploma or GED. The applicant must submit TABE, ACT or COMPASS that meet the school’s acceptable requirements. An acceptable score on HESI Pre-Nursing admission assessment exam, minimum 2.0 GPA on previous college courses, and US residency or citizenship are other admission requirements. Health requirements, CPR certification, and background clearance are essential for participation in the clinical experience. Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN for state licensure as practical nurses.