LVN Programs Downey, CA

Licensed Vocational Nurses have a rewarding career caring for patients under the direction of registered nurses, physicians, and other health care specialists. Patients turn to LVNs for personal care and emotional support. LVN programs prepare students with the knowledge and skills to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) for licensure as a vocational nurse and have the confidence to provide supervised basic care.

Licensed Vocational Nurses monitoring patients’ health, ensure patients’ comfort as they assist with bathing and dressing, listen to patients’ concerns, keep records on patients’ health, and report the status of the patients’ health to doctors and nurses. Training and experience as a vocational nurse set the pace for continuing development for advancement in the career of nursing.

There is an ongoing demand for professional nurses across the healthcare sector. According to projections from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hiring trend for nurses will continue as healthcare needs surge. Employment opportunities are expected to increase by 12% during the years 2016 to 2026.

Downey Adult School

The Vocational Nursing Program at Downey Adult School prepares students for a career as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. The vocational nursing program is approved by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT), so graduates will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN for state licensure. The curriculum covers a total of 1536 hours of instruction – 576 hours in the classroom and 960 hours of hands-on experiences in a healthcare facility. Course topics include fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, gynecology-OB nursing, pediatric nursing, geriatric nursing, rehabilitation nursing, psychology/psychiatric nursing, and transition to practice. The class meets during the daytime only. The duration is 12 months.

Admission criteria:

  • A completed application
  • Attend an information session
  • High school diploma or GED
  • A physical exam report
  • TB clearance
  • Criminal background check and drug screen

Tuition for the program is $12,999. Additional costs for textbooks, workbooks, insurance, supplies, fees, state exam, and uniforms must be covered by the student.

Lynwood Community Adult School

Lynwood Community Adult School operates a Vocational Nursing program with the approval of the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians. The program prepares students to provide basic nursing care in a healthcare facility. The instruction will emphasize the nursing program in the classroom and clinical setting so students will understand the importance of patient-centered care, the safe administration of medication, and infection control. Course topics will include anatomy and physiology, human growth and development, fundamentals of nursing, pathology, medical-surgical nursing, mental health nursing, geriatric nursing, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, and rehabilitation nursing. Students will participate in supervised patient care experiences in a health care facility to reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom. Students who successfully complete the requirements will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse. LCAS utilizes a specific selection process to select students for the program. There are limits on the number of students admitted to the program. Candidates for enrollment must take a placement exam.

Admission criteria:

  • Attend an information session
  • Register for the placement exam – dates are available on the school’s website. Candidates must take a valid state ID, #2 pencil, and self-addressed stamped envelope to the exam. Results will be delivered by mail.
  • Submit a completed application
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Complete the health requirements
  • Provide documentation of immunization
  • Provide TB test results
  • Complete criminal background check and drug screen

Tuition costs $3,500. It does not include the cost of textbooks, uniforms, fees, and supplies.

Marian College – School of Nursing

The Vocational Nursing Program at Marian College provides students with the skills to seek employment in hospitals, long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices, and clinics. The curriculum delivers 1,534 clock hours of the instruction in the classroom and clinical setting. Instructors will emphasize nursing theory, the application of nursing skills in the care of individuals across the life span, and patient safety. Students who achieve a final grade of 75% or higher will receive a Practical Nursing Diploma and will become eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX-PN) to obtain licensure from the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). The duration of the program depends on the schedule. The weekday schedule will be completed in 14 months. The duration of the weekend schedule is 18 months.

Admission criteria:

  • Attend a program information session
  • Be able to speak and read the English language
  • Be 17 years or older
  • Have a high school diploma from an accredited school or GED equivalent
  • Take the entrance exam – available by appointment or walk-in. Candidates must obtain 18 points or more to be scheduled for the interview
  • Attend a personal interview

Tuition and fees cost $18,483. Books and supplies cost an additional $3,627.

Annenberg School Of Nursing

Annenberg School of Nursing prepares adults for employment as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. The program is divided into four 12-week terms and prepares students for success on the NCLEX-PN for licensure by the BVNPT. Students must complete the 1650 hours of training – 639 hours in the classroom, 81 hours in the skills lab, and 960 hours at a clinical site – to graduate from the program. Course topics include Fundamentals of Nursing, Integumentary System, Musculoskeletal System, Hematology/Lymphatic System, Immunology, Endocrine System, and Oncology. During the third and fourth semesters Cardiovascular System, Renal System, Gastrointestinal System, Mental Health, Respiratory System, Reproductive System, Maternal Child, Pediatrics, Neurosensory System, Leadership, Long Term Care, and Personal Development. The hours for the classroom and lab sessions are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. The clinical schedules are Monday through Friday from 6:45 am to 3:15 pm, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm, or 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. The school’s administration employs a selective admission process, as enrollment is limited to 24 students per cycle.

Admission criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Pass the TEAS exam
  • Provide a physical exam report indicating good health
  • Pass a background check and drug screen
  • Provide a copy of a valid drivers license or ID and social security card
  • Be able to speak, read, and write English

The cost of attendance is $43,392. It includes 3 sets of scrubs, white jacket, 1 sweatshirt, watch, pen light, stethoscope, textbooks, background check, physical exam, vaccinations, CPR training, fire safety training and card, exam fee for NCLEX-PN, ATI Virtual Tutor, LVN license fee, and ATI preparation exam fee.

Career Development Institute, Inc

Students who complete the vocational nursing program at Career Development Institute will have the confidence to handle the responsibilities of an LVN in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities. The program has full accreditation from BVNPT, ABHES, CDPH, and BPPE. The curriculum combines 1532 hours of classroom instruction, hands-on experiences in a clinical lab, and patient care opportunities in a medical facility. Course topics include communicable diseases, patient education, nursing fundamentals, gerontology nursing, rehabilitation nursing, common disease, pharmacological agents, nutrition, body systems, oncology, HIV and AIDS, care of the surgical patient, maternity, pediatrics, leadership, and supervision. Students will receive free tutoring to prepare for the NCLEX, interactive clinical experiences, and small class sizes. The duration of the program is 13 months. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Admission criteria:

  • Be 17 years or older
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Have good physical and mental health to perform the responsibilities of a professional nurse
  • Meet with an Admissions Representative
  • Take an entrance exam that covers grammar, reading comprehension, and basic math
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Officer
  • A California driver’s license and social security card

The total program cost is $29,785. It includes tuition, material, and the registration fee. Additional costs include ATI NCLEX-PN online training, NCLEX review, textbooks, uniforms, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, physical exam, PPD, and titers. Job placement assistance is available for all students.

  • Website:
  • Address: 1830 South Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035
  • Phone: (310) 559-0225
  • NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 94%

Angeles Institute

The Vocational Nursing program at Angeles Institute prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to improve the health and well-being of individuals and families. The program includes classroom instruction and clinical experiences so graduates will be capable of functioning as entry-level practitioners in various health care settings. The curriculum will cover 1610 contact hours – 576 in the classroom, 314 hours in the skills lab, and 720 hours in a clinical setting. Course topics will include CNA and HHA, student success in healthcare education, medical terminology, communication, basic nursing skills, communication and interpersonal skills, physical assessment, safety and emergency procedures, anatomy and physiology, gerontology nursing, medical-surgical nursing, body systems, oncology, mental health, pharmacological agents, nursing interventions, role transition, and NCLEX review.

Admission criteria:

  • Interview with a Recruitment Specialist
  • Interview with the Academic Department
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Officer to make arrangements for payment
  • A completed Application for Admission
  • Provide official document for proof of age
  • Proof of successful completion of a 12th-grade education from an accredited school
  • Obtain a passing score on the Wonderlic exam
  • Complete a criminal background check for clinical placement
  • Complete drug testing – a positive result will lead to dismissal from the program
  • Transfer students must provide an official transcript of previous college coursework
  • Demonstrate the ability to meet the physical and mental demands of the profession
  • Pass a general physical exam
  • Provide proof of immunization – MMR, Hepatitis B, Varicella, PPD or Chest X-ray if positive

Tuition for the program is $31,040. Books and supplies will cost an additional $2,851.

California Career Institute

California Career Institute creates a supportive environment to encourage the growth and development of vocational nursing students. Students will have access to online tools for practice, the modern skills lab, and unique patient care opportunities in a clinical setting. Additional benefits of the program include case scenarios, continued assessment, and NCLEX reviews. The curriculum will cover 1574 clock hours of classroom, lab, and clinical experience. Course modules include Fundamentals of Nursing I and II, Medical Surgical Nursing I, Maternal Neonatal Health, Pediatric Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing II, Mental Health Nursing, Leadership & Supervision, and Senior Practicum. During the simulation lab sessions, students will develop critical thinking and confidence as they work on electronically designed manikins and hospital beds. The number of students at the clinical sites is limited to 15 for optimization of the instructor time and one-on-one attention. CCI offers full-time and part-time schedules for students’ convenience. Day, evening, and weekend classes are available. Part-time students will complete the program in 83 weeks. The duration of the full-time program is 61 weeks. Students who complete the program requirements with minimum grade C in each term will be eligible to graduate from the program and apply to take the NCLEX for licensure as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Admission criteria:

  • Be a minimum of 17 years
  • Complete high school or equivalent
  • Submit a completed application and pay the non-refundable enrollment fee
  • Pass the CCI entrance test with a cumulative score of 70% or higher
  • Meet with the Director of Nursing to determine eligibility to enroll in the program
  • Complete an enrollment agreement
  • Submit to a criminal background check from the DOJ and FBI

Tuition for the program is $29,790. Books and supplies cost an additional $2,290.

Community Enhancement Services (CES) College

CES College’s Vocational Nursing Program provides students with the theory, laboratory, and clinical experiences that are essential for entry-level employment in healthcare. Under the supervision of experienced nurse instructors, students will participate in a clinical experience that emphasizes safe and quality patient care to people of different ages, states of wellness, and cultural background. Program graduates will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN to qualify for employment as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Evening classes meet Monday and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. The weekend class meets on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Admission criteria:

  • Have a high school diploma from an accredited high school or GED equivalent
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Pass an entrance exam with a minimum grade of 75%
  • Submit the Physical Examination form completed by a licensed Physician or Nurse Practitioner. The form must indicate current immunizations/titers and PPD assessment
  • Obtain criminal background clearance – completed after the program starts. The background report is required for clinical placement
  • Attend an interview with the Program Director

The total cost of attendance is $27,140 and includes registration, supplies and books, uniform, and insurance.

American Career College

The American Career College Vocational Nursing program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level employment as an LVN. The program delivers a total of 1560 clock hours of instruction – 580 hours in the classroom, 124 hours in the skills lab, and 856 hours in a clinical setting. Students must complete 89-quarter credits to graduate from the program and gain eligibility to take the NCLEX to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse. They must pass VN500 and a final exit exam to qualify for graduation. The instruction will cover direct patient care, diagnostic measurements, assessment, and procedures and treatments. Each module covers a period of 13 weeks. Course units include Introduction to Client Centered Care I, Introduction to the Client with Self-care Deviations II, Introduction to Client with Self Care Deviations III, Introduction to the Client with Self-care Deviations IV, Nursing Licensure Preparation, Introduction to Client Centered Care IA, Introduction to Client Centered Care 1B, Life Cycles/Integumentary System, Musculoskeletal System, Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System, Gastrointestinal System, Endocrine System, Reproduction System, Renal/Urinary System, Immunology, Oncology, and Leadership/Supervision. The final semester will cover Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Neuro/Sensory System, Nursing Specialties/Rehabilitation, and Senior Practicum. The duration of the program is 56 weeks for the day program and 86 weeks for the evening/weekend program.

Admission criteria:

  • Visit the college to view the facilities and learn the guidelines
  • Meet with an Admissions Advisor
  • Take and pass an entrance exam or complete the College’s Professional Readiness Program
  • Complete the Enrollment Agreement
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee
  • Pass a criminal background check at the time of enrollment
  • Pass a drug test for placement at the clinical site
  • Take and pass the HESI exam with a score of 70% or more
  • Have a diploma from an accredited high school or GED equivalent

Tuition costs $36,575. Books and supplies cost $950.

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