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Nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling profession, offering employment opportunities in numerous settings and various options for work. The aging population combined with advancements in the healthcare sector ensure there will be a continuous need for nurses through the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects overall job opportunities for LPNs to grow by 25% through the year 2020. However, employment opportunities vary by sector and geographic location. LPNs have the flexibility to choose their specialty, sector, and work location. They may work in acute care, home health care, long-term care, and community settings in urban and rural areas. They work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, performing those tasks that constitute direct patient care, such as treatments, nursing procedures, and administration of medication.

Erwin Vocational Technical Center

The Florida State Board of Nursing approved program at Erwin Technical College offers 1350 hours of instruction. Day and evening schedules are available for students’ convenience. The classroom, lab, and clinical instruction cover areas, such as medical nursing, pediatric nursing, surgical nursing, geriatric nursing, anatomy and physiology, nursing skills, life span, pharmacology, personal and community health, leadership and human relations skills, and employability skills. The clinical experience, at local and out of county facilities, includes experiences in maternal and newborn nursing, medical/surgical nursing, pediatrics, and long-term care facilities. Applicants must possess GED scores or a high school diploma, passing scores on the TABE and TEAS-V tests, and present reports from a physical exam and criminal background check. Applicants must submit immunization records and consent to random drug screenings. Negative results on the criminal background report or drug test will affect students’ eligibility to attend the clinical portion of the program. The estimated cost of attendance is $5,777.89. Successful graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX with the Board’s approval.

Jersey College

Jersey College’s LPN Program prepares students for a career as a practical nurse. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, pass an admissions interview, educational interview, and entrance exam. A diagnostic evaluation tests applicants reading and math skills before admissions. Students, accepted on a provisional basis, must make a deposit for tuition and fees, pass a background check, agree to the enrollment agreement, present evidence of good physical health, proof of immunization, TB clearance, and meet the program’s technical standards. All students must attend a comprehensive orientation session. The combined classroom, lab, and clinical sessions instill critical thinking, problem solving and technical skills in all students. Day or evening sessions are available – full-time students complete the training in just four 12-week terms. Graduates are prepared for success on the NCLEX. Tuition for the program is $18,530 plus $3,490 for books and supplies.

Brewster Technical Center – Hillsborough County Public Schools

Brewster Technical Center prepares practical nursing students to provide direct nursing care in entry-level positions at long-term care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians’ offices. The curriculum comprises of didactic instruction in the classroom, hands-on experience in a simulated lab, and clinical experiences at hospitals and nursing facilities. The course content covers medical, surgical, pediatric, obstetric, and geriatric nursing, the role of the practical nursing, human growth and development, nutrition, family and community health concepts, body structure and function, mental health concepts, pharmacology, interpersonal relationship skills, legal aspects of practice, trends and issues in nursing, and interpersonal relationship skills. Applicants must successfully complete the TABE and TEAS for admission to the program. Students meet Monday to Friday (daytime only) and complete the program in 14 months. The estimated cost of $3,753 for tuition excludes fees, books, and supplies. Graduates are prepared for the Florida State CNA and NCLEX credential exams.

Fortis College – Tampa

Fortis provides nursing students with the skills and training needed to start an exciting career in the healthcare sector. The program includes theory, lab, and clinical experiences to prepare students for success on the NCLEX to pursue a career as a practical nurse. Topics covered in the classroom, such as medical-surgical nursing, geriatric nursing, maternal-child nursing, geriatric nursing, mental health concepts, growth and development through the lifespan, practical nursing concepts, legal issues in nursing, communication and interpersonal skills, and leadership, prepare students for the clinical experiences at local hospitals and nursing homes. Under the supervision of Registered Nurses and experienced instructors, students provide care to diverse patient populations and observe first-hand those behaviors that will help them secure employment after licensure. Tuition is $21,902 plus $1,285 for books and supplies.

Rasmussen College – Tampa/Brandon Campus

Rasmussen gives nursing students a supportive environment to gain real-world skills to succeed as practical nurses in acute and long-term care. Small class sizes foster one-on-one instruction, giving students a greater chance of success. Unlike other colleges, there are no waiting lists and pre-nursing course requirements to enroll at Rasmussen. Students complete the classroom, lab, and clinical instruction in just 12 months based on full-time attendance. Flex Choice® – an innovative effort that gives students the option to include self-paced courses for greater flexibility and affordability. The training includes prep work for the NCLEX to ensure students’ success on the exam to secure state licensure. Applicants must submit TEAS scores, immunization records, and the results of a background check. The mandatory information session provides further details of the school’s enrollment requirements. Graduates can continue their education through bridge programs to become registered nurses. Tuition for the program is an estimated $22,550 for full-time students.

The following LPN program offers training for high school students:

Tampa Bay Technical High School
6410 Orient Rd, Tampa, FL 33610
(813) 749-8943
NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 100.00%

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